Công nghiệp Tin tức

Giải thích về máy dệt kim phẳng vi tính


The computerized flat knitting machine is a double needle tongue needle weft knitting machine. Its triangular device is like a set of planar cams, where the needles of the knitting needle can enter the grooves of the cam, move the triangle, and force the knitting needle to perform regular lifting and lowering movements in the needle groove of the needle plate. Through the action of the needle hook and needle tongue, the yarn can be woven into knitted fabric. During the rising process of the knitting needle, the coil gradually exits the needle hook, opens the needle tongue, and exits the needle tongue hanging on the needle rod; During the descent process of the knitting needle, the needle hook hooks onto the newly placed yarn and pulls it to bend into a coil. At the same time, the original coil is detached from the needle hook, and the new coil passes through the old coil and is connected in series with the old coil. Many woven and knitted coil strings are interconnected to form a knitted fabric.